Reader ‘might try applying actual facts to his arguments’


To the editor:

In his letter of June 9 (“All it needs to do is spread seeds in right places”), Mr. Stefan Schemine claimed that “in a few areas of the country, there are already areas controlled by radical Islamists that are under Sharia law, where non-Muslims are not allowed, and no police will enter.” I would challenge Mr. Schemine to tell us where any of these supposed scary places actually exist. I doubt he can name even one, as this particular urban legend has already been exposed in the press as nothing more than the fevered imagination of people using scare tactics to drum up hate toward Muslims.

Mr. Schemine claims not to be fear-mongering. Perhaps not, but if he wishes to continue to create fictional plots against Christianity supposedly being perpetrated by a progressive American government, he might try applying actual facts to his arguments.

Hopefully, in his next letter, Mr. Schemine will do just that, avoiding, in the process, his usual tautological, straw-man pontifications. I’d like him to understand that what he thinks God thinks does not constitute a rational argument. It is simply his opinion, and nothing more.

Tony Marconi


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