Inno-Pak is staying put


Inno-Pak LLC, a supplier of packaging for the grocery and food service industry, will remain in Delaware.

“They are staying in the city of Delaware,” City Economic Development Director Sean Hughes told The Gazette. “We will continue to be their headquarters, and their manufacturing center.”

Hughes said Delaware will gain some manufacturing and office jobs from its Houston operation. However, the company’s warehouse distribution jobs will move to Rickenbacker Airport in Columbus because it receives a lot of shipments from China.

Inno-Pak was seeking an incentive package because the company was outgrowing its base at 1932 Pittsburgh Drive and had received an offer to relocate to Lexington, Kentucky. In April, City Council approved an incentive package valued at nearly $1 million that would have involved a 100,000 square-foot building expansion.

Hughes said that with the shifting of jobs, there isn’t as great a need for building expansion for Inno-Pak.

“They may add 5,000 to 10,000 square feet of office space at some point, but not at this moment,” Hughes said. “Otherwise, they’ll stay in the building they’re at. I won’t come back to council unless they decide to go ahead with the expansion.”

Founded in 1992, Inno-Pak designs, produces and distributes both stock and custom plastic and paperboard packaging. The company’s products include re-closable bags, microwavable hinged containers, bakery cartons, paper buckets, soup cups and lids, rotisserie bag system and corrugated carryout containers.

“Innovative, cost-effective solutions is what we do,” states the company’s website. “Inno-Pak is and will remain an independently-owned family-run business focusing on adding value to customers instead of shareholders.”

Hughes said he was pleased to retain Inno-Pak, which had been in Delaware for a decade.

“That’s a great decision for them and one that their consultant helped them make,” he said. “For us it’s beneficial, because not only do we keep them, but we keep all of their higher-paying jobs.”

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