Heads Up salon brings life back to shopping center


Two longtime Delaware family businesses came together recently when the Heads Up salon relocated to South Sandusky Street’s Delaware Shopping Center.

Heads Up salon was opened in 1977 by Scott Clemens. Clemens recently retired and his daughter, Sara Martel, has taken over operations. The shopping center was built by the Roth family in the late 1970s and is now run by Will Roth.

Heads Up’s move was fueled by a need for more space to accommodate new services, including nail care and massages, and by the desire to “help Delaware with bringing some life back to the shopping center,” according to Tom Martel, Sara’s husband.

Another reason for the move, according to Sara Martel, is “we just thought it’d be cool.”

The pursuit of “coolness” is evident in the salon’s design. About 90 percent of the renovations were done by the Martels. Their unique style is evident the moment you enter the shop. Each barber’s chair is different, old doors frame the mirrors and there is a table made of an old stop sign.

The salon’s past is preserved in its new location. A carved wooden sign reading “Heads Up Salon” hangs on the back wall. The same sign once hung above the original salon when it opened.

Many of the decorations were purchased from local antique shops and the Martels are working on gathering a collection of old yearbooks for customers and the public to be able to browse.

According to Roth, who stopped in to talk with the Martels recently, Heads Up salon will soon have a new neighbor in the shopping center.

Space is currently being renovated to accommodate a new Pat Catan’s Craft Center store.

Roth said the new businesses have helped to turn things around in the center. “We’re ecstatic, we’re extremely happy to have them here and we think it’s going to be a great thing for the community.”

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