‘Our country is better than this’


To the editor:

Holy smokes! Literally.

The United States of America that I’ve loved for nearly 80 years is going up in smoke. Morals are at an all-time low, with sex and profanity becoming the new normal.

How many movies have you seen lately that don’t include nudity or the infamous “F” word? It’s not uncommon to overhear teenagers, in normal conversations, using words that would send your mother to fetch the bar of soap to clean out the filthy words that inhabit your mouth.

Where does this crass attitude begin? Your friends, schoolmates, co-workers, movies, books and — heaven forbid — your parents?

Folks, we are better than this. Our country is better than this. The world is a stage, and the U.S.A. is the lead player, looked upon as the compass for all things good, not evil.

We have a world-class male Olympic champion who is converting to womanhood. A woman with two Caucasian parents who professes to be black. Where are we going? Certainly not the right path.

We have law enforcement people — brave men and women — under attack from both the president of the United States to the thugs who roam the streets looting, killing and burning. Race relations in our country have been set back decades with no sign of getting better.

And politics! We currently are faced with the prospect of electing a female president of the United States. A staggering thought? Hardly! In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed many extraordinary women in politics. However, none (had) the baggage that Hillary Rodham Clinton would bring to the most powerful position in the world. Simply ask yourself: With all the scandals surrounding this woman, can she be trusted? If the answer is “no,” let’s consider the alternatives and move forward.

With all the serious problems that are currently in play, at home and abroad, what does the leader of our country think is our most pressing problem? Can you possibly believe this? Global warming! What?

With the ISIS terrorists vowing to exterminate any human being — men, women and children — who will not convert to Islam, can we possibly face a larger threat? We missed the perfect time to eradicate these cut-throat merciless barbarians when they left Syria on their mission to convert the entire Middle East to Islam. The United States has shown, time and time again, that we lack the leadership to confront and destroy these carrions of humanity. Mr. President, lead us! Please!

And lastly, to the many sincere people who are opposed to capital punishment, I draw your attention to the situation in New York. Two convicted killers have escaped and are roaming loose while 800 law enforcement people search for them. Will they kill again? I pray not.

If these two men had originally been arrested, tried and convicted — given all the protection that we give to the worst of the worst through a new trial, appeals and medical evaluations, allowed to live for many additional years — had been executed after a speedy trial, all of this would have been unnecessary. The ramifications for this debate are many, and I’m certainly not advocating death until all the facts are known and there is 100 percent probability that the correct person is being put to death.

I would welcome other opinions on this subject. My main concern is justice. Justice for all!

Chuck Smith


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