‘Why are wealthy still rushing to buy oceanfront properties?’


To the editor:

Professor Aubrecht’s assertion that my April 28 letter is bizarre is a clear indication that it was well over his head. I wouldn’t think that anyone could say or do anything over the head of a physics prof, but I must have done so.

His response to my statement (“You can show no legitimate proof to back your claims that man is causing catastrophic global climate change”) requires me to remind him that it was not I, but many of his peers — the ones whose writings he relies on for all the data he is so happy to pass along to us — who made the claim that it was “settled science.” So show me that it’s not just theory, hopeful predictions or some kind of money-driven agenda.

Of the many questions I have about climate change being caused by man to the extent that it is making something that has been going on — back and forth in nature, long before the advent of mankind — catastrophic, I’ll give just a few:

• If the situation is that dire, why are the very wealthy, such as Al Gore, corporations, large or small, and the Hollywood elite, allowed to exempt themselves from carbon and CO2 emissions by purchasing credits, the cost of which they will never miss, from the EPA, a government bureaucracy? You would think that, if the situation was as dire as claimed, all would want to reduce their contribution of emissions.

• If the ocean levels were going to rise to catastrophic levels, why are so many of the wealthy still rushing to buy oceanfront properties?

• Why aren’t the many large corporations situated along the coasts making any efforts to move their operations farther inland so as not to be totally wiped out the predicted rise in ocean levels?

• This one is for you, Professor Aubrecht. Just what, if any, scientific work have you actually performed in the area of man-caused catastrophic global climate change, or are you merely relaying the dire predictions of your peers?

Stefan Schemine


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