‘All poor people get from government is empty promises of help’


To the editor:

My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in the mass killing in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

As I watch and listen to the news coverage and commentary about this tragedy, especially the messages of forgiveness and the offers of prayer for God’s forgiveness to the confessed killer from the families and friends of those who died, I could not help but see that Jesus Christ’s message of peace, love and forgiveness shined brightly from the city of Charleston.

At times like this, forgiveness is the hardest thing some people can give, but not for these people — because they truly believe in Jesus’ words and live by them.

With all of the negative news that has emanated from several poor, black neighborhoods this year, because of police shootings of blacks, whether justified or not, resulting in riots, looting and property destruction, one cannot help but notice the absence of that in Charleston. Most of the blacks in those troubled cities try to live by the words of Jesus, but some choose not to — not because they are bad people, but because they have been overpowered by their feelings of resentment of their manufactured oppression, and their loss of hope that it will ever end. And it never will, as long as government has its way. All that these poor people ever get from government is empty promises of help. That is why I called it “manufactured oppression.”

The only thing that is going to bring hope back to these communities is to provide their citizens the opportunity to become self-sufficient and to prosper from the fruits of their labor. Government needs to quit giving these people false hope, and start delivering on their promises.

As prosperous as America is, there is absolutely no excuse for the existence of any poverty-stricken areas in it. All the poor, no matter their skin color, are human beings who deserve the same rights and opportunities as the more prosperous of us. The only thing standing in their way is their own government. Maybe it’s about time that those in it begin living by the message of the words of Jesus Christ. Then and only then, will they provide an end to their poverty. All the wealth and power needed to do it is there, but government has to quit coveting it all for themselves. …

Stefan Schemine


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