Drainage clinic for homeowners set


Delaware County has just over 30 different soil series spread throughout nearly 300,000 acres. These soils affect our everyday lives. We use these soils for the foundations for our homes, for the road beds on which we drive, for impounding water for recreation and drinking, and of course, to provide us food, fiber, fuel and forage.

Delaware has very productive soils; however, we have quite a few that are considered “wet” and require drainage improvements for those soils to perform at their best. Agricultural producers have long known that soil productivity is enhanced with surface and subsurface drainage improvements.

Nonfarmers may find such drainage improvements to be beneficial as well. Much of Delaware County is flat and composed of Pewamo and Blount soils, our two most prevalent soils which make up about 39 percent of our acres. Pewamo is listed in the Delaware County Soil Survey as very poorly drained and Blount is listed as somewhat poorly drained. What this means is that homeowners may experience some of the same issues as the agricultural community.

Join us on Thursday, July 16, for a workshop on drainage in neighborhoods and rural areas. The drainage clinic will be held at the John Miller residence at 2922 Berlin Station Road in Delaware at 6:30 p.m. This free workshop is geared toward homeowners and rural residents and will cover the following topics:

• How does drainage work?

• What is the difference between surface and subsurface drainage?

• What are my soil limitations in regards to water management?

• Will drainage improve my property for landscaping, growing a vegetable garden, planting a cover crop, creating a rain garden, installing a seasonal high tunnel, keeping my basement dry, and more?

• Is my drainage issue the same as my neighbor’s so that working together will bring a better resolution to our issues?

• What are drainage easements? How do I find out if there is one on my property?

• What are the drainage laws in Ohio?

Tentative plans are for a subsurface drainage installation to take place during the workshop.

The drainage clinic is free; however, reservations are required so that we can have sufficient handout materials available for all. Please bring a folding chair. Please RSVP via [email protected] or 740-368-1921 by July 15.

Great information on Delaware County soils can be found at www.delawareswcd.org or by calling the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District office at 740-368-1921.

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