Writer ‘has nothing but disdain for wonders of America’


To the editor:

It has been my policy over the years to avoid the war of words with letter writers who disagree with my positions, and not dignify them by using their names in my responses. My letters have been printed in several major newspapers, not the least of which is our own Delaware Gazette.

However, Alyssa Long — in her letter of Tuesday, June 23 — compels me to respond. The headline of her letter states that “Our country isn’t better (than this).” Spoken by a true highly educated progressive (read: liberal Democrat). Reminds me of Michelle Obama’s claim that “for the first time in my adult life, I’m proud to be an American.” Of course, her husband had just been crowned king of the USA.

What kind of shallow mind thinks that imperialism, individualism and a culture of consumption are bad things for our beloved country? Outside of her wall of books, there is a real world filled with hard-earned consumption that creates jobs — not welfare, food stamps or all the other giveaways that this administration in Washington is ready to spend our hard-earned tax dollars on.

But, don’t misunderstand. I have in the past and — God willing — in the future shared the fruits of my labor with many who have not been so fortunate.

To state that “we are not the entire world’s moral compass” exposes the writer to be one of the people on the left who has nothing but disdain for the wonders of America. She rails on that we Americans (read: disgustingly white, straight, wealthy Christians) aren’t better than other people further amplifies her disdain for American exceptionalism.

She goes on to claim that the brave men and women in blue have lost the trust and favor of the American people. Nothing has been lost. (It is) Only perpetuated by the ardent followers of the CNN propaganda machine, and the race baiters like Al Sharpton and his ilk. She goes on to cite “countless recorded and publicized incidents” of police officers brutalizing black men, black children, black women, and by extension, the black elderly. If these ridiculous claims were not so serious, they would be totally laughable.

She goes on to say the problems with our dedicated men and women in blue are racism, authoritarianism, militarized training and a lack of education. I’m sure that our defenders of freedom would enjoy, as long as they could endure, a lecture by a highly educated English major at Ohio Wesleyan University explaining their shortcomings in trying to deal with, in many cases, the scum of the earth.

If anyone in their right mind thinks that ISIS is not a evil band of cut-throat merciless barbarians, they haven’t spent a minute catching up on world events. There is absolutely no point in debating capital punishment with a flaming liberal. As a matter of fact, any subject of a debate with a liberal is a waste of time.

I would be interested in hearing the spin about why it is OK for the president of the United States to use the “N” word in public. It’s disgusting and completely under the dignity of the supposed leader of the free world.

She closes her diatribe against the police with the claim that police are too busy sitting on black girls at pool parties, rather than locating the two murderers in New York. What kind of language do you suspect these unruly teenagers were using against the police?

And lastly, let’s say for a moment that two scraggly white men, who appeared to be the two killers from New York, were knocking on the door of our senior English major. Who would she call? You guessed it! Our men and women in blue would be there in a heartbeat to save her life. …

Chuck Smith


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