‘Battle for world domination has finally arrived in America’


To the editor:

I welcome Austin Hilt to the discussion. After reading his letter (“Progressivism is not evil”, June 5), it appears that he has fallen victim to progressivism’s revisionist history. His belief that the United States of America was not founded upon Christian ideals is proof of that. There would not have been a United States of America if not for the Christians who fled here to escape Christian persecution in England. They wanted separation of church and state so badly that they chose to leave their homeland to avoid being forced by its progressive government to join its Church of England.

His belief — that the Founding Fathers made it plainly clear that they wanted to avoid a single dominant religion — is false, further proof of his victimhood. What they did make clear was that they wanted no establishment of a government church, and no interference in the practice of their religion from government, the exact opposite of what England’s government wanted. They wanted religious freedom. A religion should get its dominance from the number of voluntary believers, not from those forced to join, as England tried to do.

His belief — that progressive standards are similar to the standards the United States was founded upon — is more proof that he has fallen victim to progressivism’s revisionist history, and that he has no understanding of what the progressive ideology is all about. Why would a group of Christians give up their homeland to escape the persecution from a progressive English government, only to come here and create one just like it? That makes no sense at all.

His comments on Islamic groups being put in extremely uncomfortable situations, and being viewed as terrorists because of their faith, is more progressive bull crap. The vast majority of Americans are very receptive of anyone of any faith. The true reason … is because of the horrible, despicable, evil actions of a radical terrorist faction of their own faith that was allowed to overpower them. Most Muslims came here to escape that, but some came to spread it; so it’s no wonder that there are some who may not trust any of them.

The only part of Mr. Hilt’s letter we can agree on is the last paragraph. If only the radical Islamic terrorists, and our own progressive government agreed with it also. Good luck with ever seeing that happen.

To all of my progressive critics. I ask: How they can believe in, support and defend progressivism and its ideology, when they know absolutely nothing about what that ideology is? The last three letters of progressivism should be a clear warning to any God-fearing, freedom-loving individual who knows real world history, not that revised by progressive government’s controlled educational system. Some examples of government “-isms” the world has suffered from, past to present, are Nazism, fascism, communism, Maoism, imperialism and radical Islamism. (They) all shared similar ideologies that included total control of the populace, total dependence on government for everything, abolishment of all human rights, total allegiance to government, and the extermination of Jews and Christians — with all of this leading to their ultimate goal, world domination.

And the battle for world domination has finally arrived in America, because that is progressivism’s ultimate goal also. One thing is perfectly clear to me, and that is, it matters not which “-ism” wins the battle, because we will all be living miserably under the exact same conditions. You can take that to the bank.

Stefan Schemine


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