‘I think you owe law enforcement an apology’


To the editor:

Regarding Alyssa Long’s column “Our country isn’t better (than this)” June 23: Alyssa, the last paragraph of your column was just plain mean. I cannot imagine putting on a bullet-proof vest and tramping through dense woods, looking for known killers who would kill you on sight. Can you?

Be honest now. We do not know the true facts about the pool case, for you to make the remarks that you did.

It is a great country that allows you to bad-mouth the police as you did; yet you can still count on them to save you from a harmful situation. Do you agree?

Sympathizing with ISIS and known killers, yet bad-mouthing the police, is worrisome to me.

I think you owe law enforcement an apology.

Phyllis Williams


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