‘Most people talked and socialized throughout the concert’


To the editor:

I attended the July 4 outdoor concert at Ohio Wesleyan University for the first time Saturday evening. During all the years I have attended Fourth of July concerts at Blossom Music Center in northeast Ohio, there was never a problem with being able to enjoy the music — as everyone has always been quiet and respectful of the musicians while they perform.

However, even though there were 1/100th the number of people attending the Ohio Wesleyan concert, the same consideration was not shown to the musicians — as most people talked and socialized throughout the concert.

I was not able to enjoy the second half of the concert at all. Someone behind me was loudly and incessantly discussing personal matters while, next to me, a circle of young people were squealing, shouting and laughing.

If people don’t want to listen to the concert, why don’t they stay home? It is rude and insulting to the musicians who are giving of their time to provide this amazing opportunity for the community’s enjoyment.

Judith Hilinski


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