Delaware police report:

A fight between several parties, including adults and juveniles, occurred at an address on Fern Drive Wednesday night. Police learned that an argument escalated to violence, and several individuals claimed they were assaulted. The argument stemmed from a fight between the juveniles earlier that day. Police took statements and filed a report. Charges were forward to the prosecutor’s office for review. No one was seriously injured.

Two brothers got in a fight over a cellphone Wednesday afternoon at an apartment on London Road. A teenager told police his brother hit him in the face but he had no visible signs of injury and didn’t need medical attention. According to the victim, the fight started because of a thrown cellphone. The older brother had left when officers arrived.

A man was transporting a large quantity of gasoline on a trailer with plastic tanks Wednesday near the Full Up gas station on South Sandusky Street. Police learned the man had purchased gas from Full Up and was transporting it to Swifty because the Swifty station was out of fuel. A report was taken by police.

Cashland reported Wednesday that property might have been stolen. A potential victim was identified but nothing has been confirmed stolen yet, police say.

A home was broken into on Forest Avenue Wednesday afternoon. The owner told police there was minor damage from a forced entry but he had not found that anything had been stolen.

A large gash was found in the fender of a car on parked on Pittsburgh Drive Thursday afternoon. The car had been parked overnight and the owner told police it must have happened then.

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