Pope should ‘study up on world history’


To the editor:

Pope Francis once again has injected himself into the man-caused catastrophic global climate change issue, and his comments indicate a need for him to study up on world history of the last 2,015 years. I’m sure that if he did, he would find that all of the social and economic problems of today are the same as they were then — poverty, hunger, disease, religious intolerance, the breakup of families, slavery, oppression, wars and ruling governments, among other things. Only by having the knowledge of world history can one see the relationship between governments, and the expansion of all of these problems.

Governments have had all the wealth and power to minimize these problems, but none have done so, which (raises) questions (about) either their ability to, or their desire to do so. He would find that all major world governments have sought world domination, and still do today, and that domination is not restricted to land, but extends to the world populace also.

Such an agenda indicates that it is not an ability issue, but a desire issue, and all of those problems have become the tools of oppression; and to that list can now be added “man-caused catastrophic global climate change.” If I were to have sat down and tried to come up with a plan to lead people into self-induced oppression and poverty, I could not have come up with such an ingenious plan. Put it out there as the truth, and induce panic among the populace about their horrible demise, and they will make it grow and grow until it consumes them — their panic becoming so great that they become willing to give all their finances to government and wealthy industrialists to save them. Then, they (will) have placed themselves in a situation where they no longer have the ability to pay for food, pay for electricity to have clean water, pay for heat to keep from freezing to death in the winter, pay for keeping cool to avoid dying of summer heat, pay for refrigeration to preserve their food, to have decent housing or clothing. How do they expect to survive? Will they once again turn to those they called on to save them from man-caused catastrophic global climate change, the very ones who thought it up and sold it to them as the truth?

If Pope Francis would study up on world history, he would see that governments are responsible for more premature human deaths than any other cause. It’s their way of population control. We all have just so many years to live, the quantity of which is known only to God our Creator. Instead of trying to save the world, that God created, from climate change, that is controlled by the laws of nature, also God’s creation, perhaps the pope might better concentrate on saving Christians from having the worship of their God stripped away by governments. …

Stefan Schemine


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