BV extends superintendent, treasurer contracts


By Dustin Ensinger

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Buckeye Valley has secured the services of its superintendent and treasurer through the 2018-19 school year.

The district’s board of education at a special meeting last week extended the contracts of Superintendent Andy Miller and Treasurer Kelly Ziegler by one year.

“I think they are both doing outstanding jobs for Buckeye Valley,” said board member Vic Whitney. “I feel Buckeye Valley is fortunate to have them. Getting these contacts done for four years is great for the district.”

Whitney said the move will provide the school system with continuity as it looks to address its aging elementary facility problems and continues to pursue academic excellence, calling it “imperative for the district.”

“Over the past several years we haven’t had continuity, and I think we’ve got the people in place now that we want to have,” he said.

Board member Justine Santschi said both Miller and Ziegler have proven to be major assets for the district.

“Buckeye Valley is going through a lot of transitions and it’s important that, as we face that transition, we have competent people working in our district,” she said.

Santschi commended both for their willingness to engage the community.

“Both of them have put in time above and beyond and will work with anyone,” she said.

According to Miller’s contract, which was extended by one year, he will be paid an annual salary of $115,770, which will increase by 3 percent in each of the first three years of the contract.

Miller will also be eligible for a performance-based bonus of up to 3 percent each year.

The district will cover 85 percent of the cost of Miller’s health and dental insurance.

Under the contract, the district will also begin to phase out the unpopular practice of “pick up on the pick up,” in which the board pays for employees’ share of contributions to the State Teachers Retirement System.

According to Ziegler’s contract, she will be paid an annual salary of $95,000, and she will also be eligible for salary increases of up to 3 percent in the first three years of the contract. However, the amount will be determined by the school board.

Santschi said Ziegler’s salary is lower than the salaries of treasurers in many nearby school districts.

“Buckeye Valley’s salaries have to be competitive,” she said.

Because her contract was voided and a new one was approved, the board will not pay for Ziegler’s share of contributions to the State Teachers Retirement System.

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