‘This president is incapable of saying he’s made a mistake’


Mad as hell! That’s right, and I can’t take it anymore. This letter is not meant for conservatives or liberals. It is meant for the “Obamacrats.”

The first two categories are filled with articulate, sensible people who have the ability to think and react reasonably. The Obamacrats are the administration’s minions who believe that President Obama can do and say no evil, regardless of the obvious facts. I implore people of good conscience to view what has happened to our beloved country over the past 6½ years.

It’s pointless and redundant to itemize this president’s near-destruction of our republic. In fact, the recently concluded “deal” with the Iranians could result in the physical destruction of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of us. The president’s most recent happy dance saw us making a “deal” with the devil himself. Iran has vowed to kill Americans and wipe Israel off the face of the earth. And the Obamacrats actually trust the hateful Muslims to keep their word. How naive can we be?

At the last moment, the Iranians were able to add language in the agreement to lift the arms embargo. Why? Because they knew Obama was desperate for an agreement. Does anyone remember the “deal” President Clinton made with the Korean government? That agreement lasted about 30 days before it all went up in smoke. Are we headed for the same result, trusting the mullahs to keep their promises? I pray for the best but, based on our president’s track record, I don’t intend to hold my breath.

We currently have four Americans in Iranian jails. Did our president insist on their release as part of this bad “deal”? Of course not! Do I recall this president saying “we leave no American’s behind” when his administration did a victory lap when he negotiated the release of Bowe Bergdahl. It’s been said that Bergdahl deserted his post, and the search for him resulted in the deaths of more Americans. Does anyone know what has happened to that case? Did the president call the families of the dead Americans to express his regrets and admit he had made a serious blunder? This president is incapable of saying he’s made a mistake about anything. Did this president call the devastated families of the murdered 32-year-old white woman killed by an illegal immigrant with seven felony convictions and five deportations back to Mexico? Of course not! It would have conflicted with his narrative about immigration. Why did this Mexican thug return to San Francisco? Because it is one of about 300 sanctuary cities in the United States who will not cooperate with ICE in the reporting of these criminals. Sad! Sad!

Time and time again, this president has called the families of four black men killed because of their run-ins with law enforcement. Instead of defusing the acrimony between blacks and whites, this president, by his actions, is further dividing our country along racial lines. His motive: Continue to get 92 percent of black votes for his giveaway government programs. This is the man who promised to bring this country together. What a abysmal failure.

And now, death and mayhem have visited another American city — Chattanooga, Tennessee. Four marines killed by a Muslim terrorist. The officials there were unafraid to call the tragic event an act of Islamic terrorist jihad. Remember the Fort Hood massacre? This wanton act of terrorism was called “workplace violence” in order not to offend the Muslims. Hogwash!

It’s way past time to finish the wall between our country and the evil corrupt Mexican government. We must do a better job of filtering who comes in and out of our country. If that means profiling, so be it! …

What can I do? What can you do? Somehow, someway, we must solicit the help of the Obamacrats, and plead with them to think realistically and objectively, and not just elect career politicians on the basis of their skin color or gender. We can and must correct this problem in the upcoming election. …

Chuck Smith



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