A young hero from Delaware


On July 24, 14-year-old Delaware resident Evan Lamping was eating dinner in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, during his annual family reunion when a cousin came running to tell him that someone needed his EpiPen.

Lamping, who carries the EpiPen due to his severe peanut allergy, said he “did not hesitate. … I got right up and went over because I knew how serious that was.” The man who needed the EpiPen was Michael Kroner.

The Kroner family had just begun to get settled into a condo near where Lamping was staying when Michael Kroner and his two young sons ran out of the house screaming ,“Bees! Call 911!”, Michael’s wife, Jessica Kroner, recalled.

Michael and her son, Mason, 6, had both been stung by yellow jackets. She knew that Michael had a severe allergy to bee stings and that Mason, having never been stung before, could share his father’s allergy. With these thoughts in mind, she suddenly realized that the EpiPen had not been packed.

“The next thing I know, Evan was running over saying ‘I have an EpiPen, you can use my EpiPen,” she said. “We were very lucky that Evan was there and that he had his EpiPen.”

Michael Kroner, to whom these events are mostly a blur, was taken to the hospital after being administered the EpiPen. Mason did not suffer an allergic reaction.

In addition to providing an EpiPen, Evan and his family helped the Kroner family by looking after their two boys, packing up their condo, and even driving their car. “I was just really amazed at how they all stepped in and took care of us,” Jessica Kroner said. “Not everyone would do that. The right people were there at the right time and we’re just really lucky. God was definitely watching over us.”

“I didn’t really think of it as that much because I just did one small task,” Lamping said. Kroner insists, however, that giving up his EpiPen was certainly no small task. It was “an act of kindness” and “Evan was definitely our hero that day.”

Jessica Kroner said Michael “is doing great.” The only permanent side effect of the bee sting? “Now I have to have the EpiPen glued to my husband at all times,” she said, with a laugh.

Evan’s EpiPen saves sting victim

By Megan Neary

For The Gazette

Megan Neary can be reached at [email protected].

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