County to continue road cleanup program


Inmates of the Delaware County Jail will again be making roadways a little cleaner.

Delaware County commissioners last week approved an agreement between the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Department of Transportation that will allow inmates to volunteer for road cleanup duty.

“It think it’s a good partnership,” said Sheriff Russ Martin.

The program began last year. Over the course of a dozen four-hour days, county inmates collected 84 bags of trash from state roadways.

“It provides something organized for our low-risk inmates to do outside the jail in a constructive manner,” said Martin.

Inmates who take part in the program could qualify for a reduced sentence. However, that decision is ultimately left up to the judge who sentenced the inmate.

Under the partnership, the Ohio Department of Transportation will cover overtime costs incurred by deputies supervising inmates during the cleanup.

By Dustin Ensinger

Dustin Ensinger can be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @EnsingerDG.

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