Lion editorial ‘perfect example of our rush to judgment’


To the editor:

The Toledo Blade’s editorial in the Aug. 6 Gazette (Their View, “Mindless killing of wild animals must end”) is representative of the views of most I’ve heard on TV news broadcasts, including Fox News. It is a perfect example of our rush to judgment in this country.

Whatever happened to the idea of “innocent until proven guilty”? Mr. (Walter) Palmer admitted killing the lion, but it has yet to be determined that he knew it was a protected lion. There is yet to be determined whether his guide knew it and didn’t inform him.

Big-game hunting is big business in Africa and, just as wild game hunting in this country, it is permitted to control animal populations in an effort to control diseases in them.

I think this column was a waste of space and ink. A much better use of it would have been to address the killing of 61 million unborn, living babies through the deliberate act of abortion, since the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade. Now there is something to get disturbed by, much more so than the killing of one lion.

By the way, abortion has become big business in America, and we all get to support it through our tax dollars, whether we want to or not, thanks to our Godless government officials, and our Godless Supreme Court. Such are the fruits of progressivism and all of its followers. The blood of those innocents is on all of their hands. …

Stefan Schemine



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