‘Progressive liberal’s dream deal of the century’


To the editor:

President Obama’s Iran nuke deal is the progressive liberal’s dream deal of the century. Those progressive liberals in Congress who are openly opposing this deal, both Republican and Democrat, are doing so for show only. They are doing so with the knowledge that there is absolutely no chance it can be stopped.

With their control over both houses of Congress, getting enough votes to override Obama’s veto is an impossibility, but the people will think they really tried to stop it. I believe that the consensus among most clear-thinking Americans is that this is a terrible deal, benefiting only Iran. Well, it isn’t; it’s a giveaway.

Many are left scratching their heads, wondering why even Obama would sign such a thing; but I am not one of them, because I have been paying attention to his words and actions since before he became president. Does anyone else remember when he was caught on an open microphone, telling Putin that he would have more flexibility after the next election? This deal is exactly the kind of flexibility he was talking about. Iran, Russia and progressive liberal Obama’s America want Israel wiped off the face of the earth, and this is their way of keeping their filthy hands washed clean, like Pontius Pilate. So they think. They surely will be held accountable in eternity. But their ideology shows they don’t believe in, or fear that. …

Stefan Schemine



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