Merrell supports pilot program with Perry Township


One Delaware County commissioner who initially had reservations about a proposed plan to partner with a Franklin County township to provide GPS services for its police department vehicles has come around to the idea.

Commissioner Gary Merrell said Thursday that he will support the program proposed by Delaware County Sheriff Russ Martin that will aid the Perry Township Police Department.

Merrell originally said he had concerns about the precedent the partnership could set because Perry Township is not located in Delaware County.

“Since this is out of county, I do have some concerns about precedent,” he said again Thursday.

“I’m willing to support it as a test,” he said.

Merrell said the partnership will be a one-year trial period, and after that time frame, the county will evaluate the cost of the program.

“I understand there are no new costs that are created, but when this program was created there were some costs,” he said.

Martin said earlier this month that he understands the concern, but has been assured the deal will not negatively impact the county, and if it does, he reserves the right to cancel the agreement.

Martin also said he does not expect a rush of townships to request similar agreements with the county.

However, he said, cooperation among nearby law enforcement agencies is commonplace.

The agreement is expected to come before commissioners again in the coming weeks after it was put on hold due to Merrell’s concerns.


By Dustin Ensinger

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