‘Ease financial burden on middle class’


To the editor:

Under the shroud of political correctness, my beloved nation — no, our beloved nation — is totally lost. In your wildest dreams, could you imagine the word “American” does not fit the narrative of divisiveness at any American university? Welcome to the University of New Hampshire. They are trying to expel other words at this prestigious university, but you get the idea.

We must not offend anyone. Hogwash! Three very poisonous words — “black lives matter.” On the face of it, it’s ludicrous. Of course, black lives matter. However, if you say “white lives also matter,” you will be shouted off the podium. This is not a matter for debate. Our creator molded all of us to matter. This subject has fomented into another division between blacks and whites. Who would be the most logical person to put this issue into proper perspective? The president of the United States — Barack Hussein Obama, our first black president, the uniter in chief.

… This president, through his total lack of leadership, only exacerbates every racial issue that comes before him. And what have the black people garnered from his presidency? Further decay of black families, rising unemployment, further dependence on the government, Third World education, and a system that eliminates avenues for success.

He recently returned from a gratuitous visit to Africa. What was the purpose, and what did it accomplish? Has it made your lives better? And then, off to Alaska to deliver another distracting sermon on global warming. Give us a break! How big was the carbon footprint for those trips on his jumbo jet?

It would be more helpful to his pet middle class if he spent more time dealing with an issue that affects all of us. For the past six weeks, the price of crude oil has fallen dramatically. Gas prices down? Not a chance! A few days ago, the price for a gallon of gas went up almost a dollar. Mr. President, pick up your phone and your pen and bring several of your czars together and develop a plan to ease the financial burden on the middle class. …

Chuck Smith



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