Village’s chief investigated for theft


Delaware County sheriff’s deputies have begun an investigation of Shawnee Hills’ police chief in connection with possible theft in office.

Shawnee Hills Police Chief Sean LeFever, 42 of 3070 Essington Drive, Dublin, has been on paid administrative leave since the investigation began on Aug. 13, according to Patrick C. Monahan, mayor of the village.

Officials from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office said they cannot disclose details because the investigation is ongoing.

An incident report states that the sheriff’s office received a complaint regarding a possible theft in office by LeFever and “upon conducting an initial investigation, it was determined that a criminal offense may have occurred.”

According to the report, the alleged misconduct occurred from Aug. 7, 2014, until June 15, 2015. The theft is alleged to have occurred at the Shawnee Hills Police Department building located at 40 W. Reindeer Drive in Shawnee Hills.

Monahan said he was called on Aug. 13 by Sheriff Russell Martin, who told him about the complaint and investigation. Monahan said he immediately placed LeFever on paid administrative leave, an action that was later approved by City Council, and appointed Police Lt. Russell Baron as acting chief.

“We are fully cooperating with the investigation,” Monahan said.

Contacted by The Gazette, LeFever referred the newspaper to his attorney, Sam Shamansky. Shamansky said LeFever is “an outstanding civil servant” and has not violated the law in any way.

Monahan said the investigation involves LeFever’s work-time reporting.

“I let managers manage on their time,” Monahan said. “I don’t get times reported back to me unless there’s a conflict. If you are on the village clock, make sure (work) gets done.”

Monahan said he commissioned City Council to look at how other villages do their time reporting to potentially find a better model.

“So far, our detectives have received cooperation during our investigation,” Martin said on Wednesday.

Monahan said the news has been “heartbreaking” and said he “just wants the truth to come out.”

Monahan said LeFever would remain on leave until the investigation concludes.

No charges have been filed against LeFever to date, officials said.

By Glenn Battishill

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