‘Blue lives matter’


To the editor:

The “Black lives matter” crowd has dominated the headlines for the past several weeks. Apparently the “hands up, don’t shoot” mantra has lost its drawing power and interest. A good thing.

However, the current state of affairs in our country has reached critical mass. As a result of the actions and media coverage of anything and everything pertaining to white-on-black incidents, a small percentage of blacks have turned to violence as a means to vent their anger. The horrible murder of a white deputy in Texas is the most recent example. (He was) Executed at point-blank range for no apparent reason, other than the fact he was white and an officer of the law. What must be done?

The black president of the United States must speak directly and convincingly to black youths who have been brainwashed by the likes of Al Sharpton. Sharpton is the most prolific race-baiter in our country. Not since 1963 have we the people encountered such a vile person. And the president should call him out.

And we the people must give our time, talent and treasure to assure our minority brothers and sisters that America hears you, and we encourage you to learn, return to family values, speak in a language that everyone understands, and with renewed skills, know there are jobs available.

How lucky we are that we live in Delaware, Ohio. We are blessed with a police department that is competent and extremely likeable. However, we must provide them with every tool available to do their job. This idea that police need more sensitivity and restraint training is a bucket of hogwash.

Fortunately, not here, but across our nation, the men and women charged with keeping the peace put on their uniforms with a bull’s eye on their backs. It’s quite simple: Blue lives matter. Whether the skin under the uniform is black, white or brown, blue lives still matter.

Chuck Smith



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