A simple question for Olentangy board candidates


To the editor:

I am writing to ask for your help in understanding which candidates we as voters should consider for the Olentangy school board. Although there are many polarizing issues that could be considered, a very basic, non-political question can be asked of the candidates and their answers will help us decide if we should vote for them or not.

The question is: “As a school board member, would you accept or oppose school busing termination as a tool (blackmail) to get a levy passed?”

We know that a majority of the school board, and specifically our current school board president, accepts the use of school bussing as virtual blackmail per their past votes and statements.

I have learned, by asking, that candidate Martin Johnson believes this about bussing: “I would entertain (and potentially support) options about changes to the bussing plan (i.e., consolidating routes, changing pickup times, etc.) as a result of a measure failure, but would not be in favor of a plan that would eliminate bussing for students.”

Martin’s response was clear and informative. I would like to see responses from all of the candidates.

I believe school bussing is a tacit right, as it is part of the charter of schools to educate children. If the kids cannot get to school, it defeats the purpose of the core of the public education process. …

Thank you in advance for helping us learn about the candidates.

George Stringer

Lewis Center


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