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Not only can you take music lessons at the Delaware Music Academy, but now you can buy musical instruments and equipment there.

“It’s the same address, we’re just expanding the interior into a retail shop,” said director/owner Adam Furay of his 27 W. William St. location. “Technically, it’s open now.”

It marks the return of a retail shop for instruments since Crossroads Music closed in 2013.

“Most of us are from Crossroads,” Furay said of the employees. “It was so convenient having Crossroads here that we took it for granted.”

Although you’ll be able to buy a guitar at DMA, Furay said the focus is more on school marching bands and orchestras, instrument rentals and accessories, and beginner instruments for those starting to play.

“It’s about supporting the music culture in Delaware. It’s different than any other town of its size. The level of support in our schools, our orchestra and the local rock bands here in town are very good from the organizations that are tied to them, but the accessory and instrument side to it, there’s zero support for that in town. It needs support, or it’s going to disappear. The two closest places that do what we do are in Dublin and Powell.”

In addition, they buy and sell any used instrument.

“The demand for it in Delaware is huge,” he said of the store, “and I got sick of driving to Columbus for a package of guitar strings. Now people don’t have to.”

Furay, 42, has been a full-time musician since he was 15 and worked at Big Daddy’s Music and Crossroads before opening the Music Academy, which had just done lessons for the last two years. DMA has eight instructors, in addition to Furay and an office manager.

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Delaware Music Academy owner Adam Furay in his retail store. Music Academy owner Adam Furay in his retail store.

By Gary Budzak

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