Delaware police report:

A drunken woman was knocking on a man’s door Sunday night at his East Winter Street residence. Police spoke to the woman who told officers she was drunk. Officers asked if she knew a sober person who could take care of her but she told police they should take her to jail. She was taken into custody, charged with disorderly conduct and held at the city jail until sober.

A 13-year-old girl was threatened by other teenagers in the Conger Elementary School playground Monday afternoon. A mother told police the involved parties used to be friends. No charges were filed.

A bicycle was stolen from a residence on Georgetown Drive over the weekend. The owner’s mother noticed it had been stolen Tuesday night.

A drunken couple were arguing at their Silver Maple Drive apartment Wednesday just after midnight. The couple had been fighting about the man’s whereabouts earlier in the evening. Officers mediated the situation and one of the parties left for the night. No charges were filed.

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