Letter to the editor: ‘A wonderful asset to our current board’


To the editor:

It is with great excitement and my full support that I want to encourage the Olentangy community to vote for Mindy Patrick for school board on Nov. 3.

I have known Mindy since 2008 and we served together on the board of a non-profit organization. I nominated Mindy for the treasurer’s position because I felt confident in her finance and accounting skills and, more importantly, secure with her honesty and integrity. During the course of our term, she always did the extra work to save members money, distribute costs fairly and in a timely, professional manner.

Over the past couple of years I have watched her evolve from a volunteer to an educational activist. She co-founded the Olentangy Dyslexia Network, she has lobbied for higher literacy standards with local and state legislators, faithfully attended Olentangy Board of Education meetings, and volunteers on district committees to educate herself on educational and district issues.

I feel Mindy Patrick would be a wonderful asset to our current board and I trust her policy decisions would be in the best interest of children while considering the community’s position. Mindy has the interest, the passion and the commitment that our community needs.

Amy Neal



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