Letter to the editor: ‘I am sure there is a life after death’


To the editor:

You may have seen or read “Heaven Is For Real,” “Ninety Minutes in Heaven” or “Proof of Heaven.” My epiphany is very much like theirs.

I had prayed for about 50 years for our Lord and Maker to reveal or show me what heaven was like and He did. My epiphany was so exhilarating, beyond words, and it changed my life forever.

At first, I was afraid to tell anyone, including my wife, about my epiphany because I would appear crazy. Now I read the Bible daily, also three times through, and I follow Him wholly. As I witnessed, I am sure there is a life after death, exactly as our Lord’s holy Son taught us with His death and resurrection. I pray that my gift from God gives everyone hope and faith and a desire to seek Him.

Jim Stoycheff



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