Letter to the editor: Regarding deductibles and the city’s survey


To the editor:

Beware if you have to have surgery or some type of testing done at OhioHealth. You will have to pay your deductible prior to the procedure and they don’t tell you until the last minute.

If you don’t have the money before your procedure, you could die, depending on the type of procedure. You’d better hope you have insurance that doesn’t have a deductible — or a very rich uncle.

This happened to two of my children. One of them had to have surgery and the other had to have some diagnostic testing done.

On another note, I have not talked with anyone who got the call about the survey concerning the city of Delaware. Maybe they should try a few mailers to the registered voters or to the people who own property in the city limits.

How much did the city pay for this survey and where did the money come from? The taxpayers? Oh, and the higher parking fines will really help getting more business downtown.

Paul Ray



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