Letter to the editor: ‘These people have no regard for anyone’


To the editor:

Another Jug has come and gone.

I was born and raised in Delaware, attended Buckeye Valley, and still drive past the fairgrounds en route to work each day.

To say I’m an “avid” harness racing fan might be an understatement. (I have been) Hailed as such in several harness publications. …

I penned my Brown Jug poem (“Hail To Our Hallowed Half-Mile”) and also created and donned a “Human Golden Jug” outfit in 1995 in honor of the 50th Jug. My image and memorabilia were twice included in “Harness Horse of The Year” displays in the Harness Hall of Fame in Goshen, New York.

In light of these details, one would think I would be a “favorite son” locally with the “powers that be” controlling the race. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. I have been singled out and targeted for harassment in recent and not-so-recent years. The most recent and last for me occurred in 2014. …

These people have no regard for anyone, past their own objectives — from changing start times willy-nilly, ignoring the plans and schedules of others, to not even informing radio stations promoting the fair, or the betting sites accepting bets, leaving them with misinformation right up to late morning of the affected days. …

Seemingly each year brings cries of poverty, often leading to predictable price hikes. Apparently none of this windfall is put to vital maintenance, as evidenced by the failure of the antiquated infield toteboard for most of “Jug Day” this year. …

I did not attend this year and vow to never darken their door again. I strongly urge anyone to think twice before plunking down the significant funding required to meet their exorbitant ticket price demands. Realize that it only goes to fuel their arrogance, hypocrisy and greed.

Bruce Phillian



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