Letter to the editor: Get a budget to the president or resign


To the editor:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell either employs the Senate “nuclear option” in getting a budget to the president or he should resign. The threat of a presidential veto in no way should determine whether a budget is sent to the president.

Let the president veto the budget bill. If vetoed, the bill goes back to the House and Senate where a two-thirds vote is needed to override the presidential veto. Forcing a veto override vote in the Congress eliminates all top cover for senators and House members up for re-election in November. All will know those who vote to continue funding Planned Parenthood and the human baby butcher shops they operate.

McConnell needs to run the Senate like crazy Harry Reid ran it. He needs to invoke the “nuclear option,” 51 votes to invoke cloture and 51 votes to pass the budget bill. Forget about the 60 votes to obtain cloture. If he continues to maintain that 60 votes are needed for cloture, the Senate will never send a budget bill to the president that defunds Planned Parenthood.

Reid used the nuclear option to unilaterally change the Senate’s rules and deprive the minority party, the Republicans in the Senate at that time, the ability to block President Obama’s progressive, liberal judicial nominations. The Senate rules used by the Democrats are also good for the Republicans. If McConnell does not act, we should demand that he resign.

If McConnell does nothing, millions of conservative voters will not give the Republicans a majority in either house in the 2016 election. We elected Republican majorities in both houses of Congress in order to get things done, stop the spending, reduce the size of government, eliminate departments like the EPA, education, transportation, TSA and a myriad of smaller, expensive, intrusive government organizations. Get it done or get out!

Most Americans are at the end of their rope. We want an administration that obeys all laws, not just the ones they like. We want legal immigration, not illegal immigration. We want a strong military, not a weak, unfunded, lethargic, homebound hollow military. We want America leading the world again, not leading from behind, which is impossible.

I spent 35 years in the military and never heard the phrase “leading from behind.” You either lead from the front or get out of the way so someone else can.

Mitch McConnell either gets a budget to the president or he should resign.

Christopher Acker



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