Delaware police report:

A man was begging outside Wal-Mart Friday afternoon. Police said the man was panhandling for money and holding a cardboard sign. Police said the man had been warned multiple times that begging is prohibited by city ordinance and he was issued a citation for begging.

A husband and wife were arguing about communicating with another party Saturday afternoon in the 200 block of East William Street. The man’s mother told police the argument became physical but both parties had left before police arrived. Officers found the couple nearby and the wife alleged physical assault by her husband. He was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence. He was then taken to the Delaware County Jail.

A man brandished a handgun in the area of Oak Hill Avenue Sunday morning just after midnight. Police spoke to a 20-year-old man who said he was walking along the street with some friends when the man got into an argument with an unknown man. The parties moved to opposite sides of the street but continued to argue until the unknown man reached into his book bag and pulled out a handgun. Police said the man pointed the gun at the ground to show the other man and then left the area. Police are investigating.

There was a fight in the area of South Liberty Street and Park Avenue Sunday morning just after midnight. Police arrived and began an investigation, but learned that one of the involved men had left the scene. He was found nearby and police attempted to stop him. However, he ignored officers and ran. After a short chase, he was taken into custody. The man acknowledged being in the fight but would not say more than that. He was taken into custody for obstructing official business and disorderly conduct.

Two fire extinguishers were stolen from Pacer Inn Saturday just before 3 a.m. An investigation is ongoing.

A 19-year-old was found drunk at the Chi Phi Fraternity House on North Franklin Street. Police took the man into custody and charged him with underage consumption and disorderly conduct.

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