Letter to the editor: A place ‘where honest people look out for one another’


To the editor:

On Friday of the fair, when I was walking from my car to the Preservation Parks tent at the Delaware County Fair where I was to work, I lost my cellphone. When I realized it, I retraced my steps without any luck.

The parking lot people directing cars looked around, even under the cars near mine. No luck. A shuttle driver dialed my number, in the hope that I would hear it ring, but I didn’t.

Another driver drove me back along the driveway where I had walked until we reached the section where motorized vehicles were not allowed. He suggested I check “lost and found” at the fair headquarters. I did. They had it!

It is nice to live in a community where honest people look out for one another. It was a good day at the fair. Thank you everyone who helped me.

Barbara Martin



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