Letter to the editor: ‘President knew nothing about the shooter’


To the editor:

He’s our leader? Before any accurate information was known, President Obama took the podium to politicize the unfathomable killings in Oregon.

As usual, the president began his preaching to us about gun control. The president knew nothing about the shooter, his background, mental state, access to guns, motive or any other facts.

I can’t recall the president mentioning that the 5,000-student college had one security guard armed with a can of mace. The college is a “no-gun zone.”

Would several guards, armed with guns, have been able to kill the deranged man before he was able to begin his slaughter of innocents? One unsubstantiated report said the killer had Muslim connections. Only time and accurate research will uncover that claim.

Regarding Muslims: Our president has rolled out the red-carpet mats and the prayer mats for tens of thousands of Muslims who are invading and infecting entire American cities. If the Muslims can come to America, assimilate and adopt our American culture — welcome!

If Muslims expect us to adopt the unbelievable tenets of Sharia Law and adopt the Muslim culture, then pack your bags and return to the Muslim country from whence you came. …

Our beloved country is being stolen from us right under our noses. What can we do? Be proactive. Get involved. Vote. Write letters and make phone calls. Get the corruptible politicians out of power — now — while we are still the land of the free and home of the brave.

Chuck Smith



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