Letter to the editor: ‘It’s too late to fix what they done’


To the editor:

Sawmill Parkway is already gridlocked and the extension is just making it worse. There is an overload of cars and trucks, not to mention the effect on the air we breathe.

I think the people who live and work on Sawmill will send you “thank you” letters for making it worse. How does Delaware city and county get so lucky to get all of these do-gooders? When they leave office, it’s too late to fix what they have done so we all have to live with it. Do those in charge really think they have done something good for the community; or are they doing something for themselves?

When are we going to get someone in office that will say “no” to more building so our schools can catch up, and “no” to more taxes? Even the superintendent at Olentangy is concerned; Olentangy is working on building its fourth high school.

There is no one in office you can’t petition out. It seems the people in charge don’t listen to anything the public has to say. It doesn’t matter if you lose your home, land or dignity — as long as they get what they want. Don’t you think it’s time to tell them that it’s the taxpayers who pay them and that we are tired of all of this?

Paul Ray



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