Nicole Fowles: Delaware library happy to partner with Central Ohio Symphony


Tonight the Central Ohio Symphony helps the Delaware County District Library mark the finale of our fall “DelawaREADS” program with their debut concert. Featuring music written, performed and inspired by Latin Americans, it will be the perfect note to end our community read.

The purpose of the DelawaREADS program has always been to bring together the individuals of Delaware County through the story told by one book. The book chosen has larger themes that apply to a broad audience and, hopefully, teaches a lesson that is rarely seen in literature.

Cristina Henríquez’s “The Book of Unknown Americans” was the perfect story for this year, merging both language and culture while telling the story of what it means for immigrants to live in modern-day America. The library hosted six book discussions, two screenings of the “Latino Americans: 500 Years of History” documentary, one visit from Henríquez herself, and 10 other programs for all ages, featuring music, food and literature. We also participated in three community block parties throughout Delaware County and the Festival Latino in downtown Columbus. Altogether, after more than two dozen events and speaking with thousands of individuals, we can call this year’s program a success!

We are happy to be a partner with the Central Ohio Symphony for their concert tonight. Featuring performers Simón Gollo and Jesús Morales and with classical Hispanic music by composers Márquez, Mancayo and a world premiere by Sonia Morales, it is sure to be an evening of beautiful sounds.

Where can I find navigational charts for a boat trip?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a federal agency focused on the condition of the oceans and the atmosphere. The NOAA Office of Coast Survey offers free electronic downloads of nautical charts on their website ( The NOAA site provides nearly a thousand high-resolution printable nautical charts – almost the entire NOAA suite of charts – as PDF files. The charts are checked weekly, so users can be assured they are getting the newest information when traveling.

What short stories were mentioned as the basis for horror films “Black Sabbath” and “Black Sunday”?

The director of these two Italian horror films, Mario Bava, stated that the segments were inspired by the stories “A Drop of Water” by Ivan Chekhov, “The Wurdalak” by Aleksei Tolstoy and “Viy” by Nikolai Gogol.

A collection of stories by Gogol contains the story “Viy.” “The Wurdalak” was loosely based on “The Family of the Vourdalak.” However, no records can be found of Chekhov ever writing “A Drop of Water.”

In later interviews, director Bava claims he wrote the story. However, a British historian by the name of Julian Granger identified the story as “Dalle tre alle tre e mezzo” (“Between Three and Three-thirty”) by the Italian writer and editor Franco Lucentini. Lucentini used the pseudonyms Sydney Ward and P. Kettridge when including his stories in collections of other author’s stories he was editing. “Dalle tre alle tre e mezzo” was written under the P. Kettridge pseudonym and never published in English.

Our reference librarians used SearchOhio, OhioLink, IMDB and the sources cited within Wikipedia for this hunt.

Nicole Fowles

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