Shawnee Hills mayoral election about growth


Measured growth is a common goal for the two people running for mayor of the village of Shawnee Hills in the Nov. 3 election.

Two candidates are on the Nov. 3 ballot — current Mayor Patrick Monahan, 67, and challenger Carol J. Kender, 74.

Monahan has been the mayor since being elected in 2008 and previously served as a Village Council member.

Monahan said he’s very proud to have been able to work with various municipalities and people during his time as mayor to improve the intersection of Glick Road and Dublin Road, the biggest intersection in the village, and to work with residents on a new blight ordinance to keep yards free of junk and to keep property values up.

Monahan said the biggest issue facing Shawnee Hills is managing growth.

“Growth is inevitable,” Monahan said. “The question is, how do we grow in a representative way that is a positive in the community? We want to make sure that when we have development, it’s representative development and good growth.”

Monahan said community is very important to him and he wants to make sure that residents and businesses have a chance to comment on changes coming to the village.

Likewise, Kender, a member and secretary of the board of the Shawnee Hills Chamber of Commerce, said community input and visibility are crucial.

“When I am mayor, I will do everything possible to make sure the residents are fully informed before legislation is presented,” Kender said. Kender said she wants to be a full-time advocate for all residents of the village.

Kender said she owned a retail scuba diving store for 32 years and currently owns a home-based bakery so she has the business experience and will run the village like a business.

Kender said the mayor is the one responsible for spearheading economic growth that the village needs to sustain itself. Kender said she hopes to bring in more office employees to the village and fill vacant retail spots because it will bring in more income via taxes.

Kender added that she also wants to keep the small-town atmosphere with sustained growth, both residential and business.

By Glenn Battishill

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Glenn Battishill can be reached at 740-413-0903 or on Twitter @BattishillDG.

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