Kasich signs bill creating new judicial post in Delaware County


Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill into law that will create a new judicial position in the Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

Kasich put pen to paper on House Bill 11 on Monday which creates a domestic relations division at the court that would hear cases regarding matters like divorce, dissolution, separation, annulment, visitation and child support. Under terms of the legislation, a new judge would be elected in 2016 and take office on Jan. 1, 2017.

State Rep. Andy Brenner, R-Powell, said he was pleased that Kasich signed the bill into law. He also stated that the new position will help address the growing needs of the court system in Delaware County.

From 2006 to 2010, new case filings increased by 28 percent in the county’s common pleas court. New case filings jumped 11.2 percent in the juvenile division over the same period of time.

A judicial position has not been added in the county since 1995.

The new position and the support staff that will come with it would cost the county about $155,000 annually, according to the Ohio Legislative Service Commission.

The bill passed unanimously in the Senate and the House unanimously agreed with the Senate’s changes, according to Brenner’s office.

“Due to the population growth of Delaware County, our judges are presiding over an abundance of cases,” Brenner said earlier this month. “This new judgeship addresses the needs of our local courts and will allow our judges to effectively manage their cases in a more timely fashion. House Bill 11 will allow Delaware County voters to vote for a new judge in the 2016 elections.”

A judicial position has not been added in the county since 1995.

During the previous General Assembly, an identical bill died in the Senate after an amendment granting pay raises to judges across the state was attached to the legislation.


Staff Report

Dustin Ensinger contributed to this report.

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