Delaware police report:

Toddlers were left unattended at a playground on Chelsea Street in only their diapers Saturday morning. Officers determined the children lived at a nearby apartment and located their mother. The mother told police she was unaware the children had left the apartment. The case was referred to Children’s Services.

A man was incoherently yelling at a 20-year-old man walking by Sunday at about 2 a.m. in the area of Oak Hill Avenue and Liberty Street. The 20-year-old told police he was walking alone when another man approached him and pretended to have a gun in his pocket. Then the stranger pulled a knife out of his pocket and waved it around. The 20-year-old told police the stranger wasn’t making any sense and never directly threatened him. Eventually, the stranger walked away. The matter is under investigation.

A female student was unruly at Willis Intermediate School Friday morning. The student left class without permission, refused to return, acted disrespectful and defiant to staff, and was reported to the police. Police referred the student’s case to Delaware County Juvenile Court.

A 15-year-old broke a custom skateboard belonging to her brother at their home on South Sandusky Street Saturday afternoon. Her mother also told police that she damaged a counter top with a knife after a family argument. The girl’s juvenile court probation officer was contacted and she was ordered into the juvenile detention center. Officers forwarded charges of disorderly conduct, criminal damaging and unruly child to the Delaware County Juvenile Court.

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