Cross Strings music accessory shop opens in Delaware


Cross Strings is the newest music store in Delaware, specializing in accessories.

“The focus of our business is going to be fretted instruments, percussion and eventually some audio equipment,” said owner Al Myers. “We carry what we consider to be the top five manufacturers of strings, picks, tuners, drumsticks, cords and straps.”

Cross Strings came about in part because another music store, Crossroads, closed.

“We realized real quick when the other music store went out, people were buying all their accessories on the Internet or having to drive to Columbus, Worthington, Powell to do that, including my son, Jacob,” Myers said. “Having been musically inclined and willing to fill a niche, we said this would be a good thing to open up. A store became available real close to my wife’s coffee shop, Choffey’s. It just seemed to be God’s will that we do it.”

The store has 18 guitars and some amplifiers being sold on consignment. Myers said people can bring in their instruments whether they have an asking price or not.

“The reason I went that way is I heard so many people say that they wanted to sell things but they really don’t want to have people they don’t know come to their home or meet in a parking lot somewhere. It just seemed natural, since I have a brick-and-mortar business.”

In addition, the store has a music teacher and offers guitar lessons.

“What I want to do is eventually get into the mid-range fretted instruments, the ones that people pick up to want to learn,” Myers said.

Cross Strings is at 11½ W. Winter St., Suite A, just off of what Myers said used to be called “short-cut alley.”

For more information, visit or call 740-363-9283.

Jacob and Al Myers at the counter of Cross Strings, a new music accessory shop. and Al Myers at the counter of Cross Strings, a new music accessory shop. Courtesy photo

The front of the store in “short-cut alley.” front of the store in “short-cut alley.” Gary Budzak | The Gazette

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