Letter to the editor: In defense of Dr. Carson’s comments


To the editor:

Apologize? Really? A recent letter writer claimed that Dr. Ben Carson should apologize for saying what a million American Christians are thinking: “A Muslim would be unfit to be President of the United States.” Bravo, Dr. Carson.

The letter writer has the audacity to refer to Thomas Jefferson and Muslims in the same paragraph. In the early 1800s, Muslims from Tripoli, Tunis, Morocco and Algiers scoured the Mediterranean, plundering American merchant ships, seizing the ships for ransom and torturing the seamen and selling them into slavery. This aggression was founded on the laws perpetuated by the Muslim Prophet and the words of the Holy Quran. Holy? What is holy about a book that enslaves women and condemns non-believers to death?

To end the pillaging of the Muslim pirates, Thomas Jefferson put together a fleet of United States Marines who were dispatched to the Mediterranean Sea to destroy the Muslim pirates. And the Marines did what the Marines do: Destroy the enemy.

The writer reminds us of the three basic constitutional requirements to be president of the United States. What about moral and ethical requirements in addition to many more? Certainly there are Muslims who have served well as citizens of the United States. The indisputable fact is that many Muslims, today, are murdering and raping Americans. Where are the Muslim voices condemning this despicable behavior?

And finally, the writer suggests that Dr. Carson should step down. I would prefer the letter writer use his energy in a positive fashion and urge Muslims to begin living life by our 10 commandments and garner the love and understanding that can be found in our book — the Holy Bible.

Chuck Smith



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