Letter to the editor: ‘My thoughts, prayers are with you’


To the editor:

I recently had the privilege to be a candidate for the Olentangy school board. I attended Olentangy as a student and now my children attend.

My motivation to run for the board was not because I saw major issues with the current board, but because I saw an opportunity to serve the community that has blessed my life.

Going through the campaign process taught me many things. First and foremost, it taught me that service is what makes individuals, families and communities great. Although I was not elected to serve in the capacity of a board member, I will serve the community in other capacities.

Thank you to all of the people in the community who supported my efforts. This is my first experience with campaigning. Many people helped educate and guide me through the process. My main goal in the process was to follow the golden rule: Treat others how I would want to be treated. There were certainly temptations to push boundaries or cut corners to try to get a few extra votes. However, it was more important to be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience than sacrifice my honor for a few votes. True leaders exemplify integrity.

Best wishes to the new board. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you make decisions for Olentangy. I encourage the community to learn the issues and provide feedback to help the board. May Olentangy have continued success.

Andrew Forgrave

Lewis Center


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