Letter to the editor: Thanks for ‘handsome changes’ at Blue Limestone Park


To the editor:

Thank you, city of Delaware, for using an EPA grant and our storm-water fees and park levy for an intriguing, environmentally friendly project … to reduce water pollutants and restore a wetland in Blue Limestone Park.

Saturday morning, I joined a small group of curious citizens for a demonstration of how the new porous pavement in the parking and travel areas in Blue Limestone let storm water seep through the pavement and a filtering rock bed below to clean run-off water before it passes into the Delaware Run and on into the Olentangy River.

They also have created a channel and two rain-garden areas containing a variety of wetland plants to help absorb rainfall and slow the rain run-off. It was an enlightening demonstration.

Technically, with these improvements, “… Delaware is expected to reduce 3.1 pounds of nitrogen, 0.8 pounds of phosphorus, and 0.31 tons of sediment each year from entering our waterways.” Wow! Now that is impressive.

Do yourself a favor and visit Blue Limestone Park to see these latest water-way projects … and the new pickleball courts, the boardwalks for easier fishing access and other handsome changes there. Our old Blue Limestone Park has a whole new face.

Barbara Tull



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