Delaware police report:

Four teens were smoking marijuana in a car on Ensign’s Lane Saturday night. Police were dispatched after the car was spotted in a housing development under construction. As the officer approached, he saw an item being thrown from the vehicle. The officer found a bag with marijuana inside it. The officer spoke to the occupants, all high school students, and cited them for possession of marijuana.

Sugar was poured into the fuel tank of a vehicle on South Liberty Street overnight Saturday. Police have no suspects.

Two men were fighting over a possible theft at an address on Bruce Road Friday night. Police learned one of the men, a 46-year-old, was the primary aggressor and had been drinking. He was taken into custody, charged with misdemeanor assault, menacing and disorderly conduct, and taken to the Delaware County Jail.

A toddler was found walking in the area of Ross Street Saturday morning by a newspaper delivery man. While the man attempted to locate the boy’s parents, the boy’s parents called 911, reporting him missing. The child was taken to his home at a Ross Street apartment. It is unknown how the boy exited the apartment but a door was discovered open. The case was referred to children’s services for additional follow-up.