Letter to the editor: ‘Why was it necessary to waste’ debate time?


To the editor:

CNBC’s exhibition of liberal media bias was on grand display in its recent Republican presidential debate. It was exactly what I expected from today’s progressive liberal media. It has always been present in years past, but much more subtle.

William McCartney — in his Nov. 4 letter (“Presidential hopefuls don’t merit sympathy”) — said he was discomforted during the debate, but I must ask him: What else did he expect from his beloved progressive liberal friends in the media?

We are relatively close in age, so we have been witness to many presidential debates over the years. So what was so surprising to him about this one, other than the fact that not one candidate, but several, had the guts to call out the moderator on the senselessness of the questions being put forth? They were not the kind of questions the majority of Americans need answers to at this time, or ever.

With so many candidates in the debate, time for each was very limited. So why was it necessary to waste any of it when there are so many major problems facing America today? Was it just an attempt to personally destroy the candidates (which is the progressive liberal’s favorite thing to do to anyone opposing their political beliefs)? Or was it a display of their anger over getting their clocks cleaned in the recent congressional election? I think it was both.

It seems as though it becomes more and more difficult each election cycle to get specific answers to pertinent questions from any candidate of any party, and Americans deserve better than that. How many answers to pertinent questions have Americans gotten from Hillary Clinton? She will not permit anyone to ask them. The only ones she seems ready, willing and able to answer are those pre-screened by her, asked by those hand-picked by her, about the progressive liberal invented wars on women, blacks and gays, or the wealthy’s war against the poor and middle classes.

I’ll keep watching these debates in the hope that a miracle will happen and things will change for the better. But I fear I will not live long enough to see that happen — because, in politics, anything good for America takes a long time to come; but anything bad for America comes quickly in the dark of the night, behind closed doors. And when mistakes are made, they never get corrected.

Stefan Schemine



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