Nicole Fowles: Library ready to celebrate new Star Wars film


The latest episode in the Star Wars epic space series comes to a theater near you on Dec. 18. “Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens” is set 30 years from when “Episode VI – Return of the Jedi” left us. At $4.39 billion, Star Wars is the fifth-highest grossing film series in the world; the fans are some of the strongest; and you can’t go to a Comic Con without seeing a Darth Vader or Princess Leia.

Building on the excitement of the upcoming film release, we at the Delaware County District Library Powell branch have some exciting events planned for fans of all ages.

This Monday, Nov. 16, at 6:30 p.m. the Force will be with kids ages 6-10 as they attend a Star Wars party and participate in the “Jedi Training Academy.” There will also be plenty of related crafts and a special Star Wars photo-op.

Then, on Dec. 18, the teens will gather at the Powell branch library for a release party at 3 p.m. Teen librarian Becky plans to have contests, crafts, activities and prizes that will get everyone psyched and ready to see the flick.

Finally, once you’ve seen the movie, the Powell branch library is hosting a “Family Trivia Night” on Monday, Jan. 25, at 6:30 p.m. Come as a family to test your Star Wars movie knowledge against others. The top scoring team wins a gift card to expand their Star Wars collection! Pre-registration is required for this program. Call 614-888-9160 or stop by the Powell branch to sign-up.

What do the prefixes on a ship’s name mean?

“The History of Warships: From Ancient Times to the Twenty-First Century” by James L. George explains that there are literally dozens, perhaps even hundreds of abbreviations used by the world’s navies. Some of the more frequently used ones, though tied to the United States Navy, are generally accepted worldwide. “SS” stands for submarine, conventional powered; “BB” is battleship; “CV” is an aircraft carrier; and “N” is added as a nuclear designation;for example “SSN” would mean a nuclear-powered submarine.

However, some of the abbreviations are also meant to point out the propulsion technique employed by the ship. The website mentions that “SS” could also refer to “steamship,” indicating that the ship runs on steam propulsion. I’ll aim to travel upon the “MY Hawaiian Holiday” one day — my dream “motor yacht.”

Do any species other than humans experience menopause?

There are only a handful of non-human animals who exhibit a menopause-like experience. Using the database Science Reference Center, an article titled “Killer Whale Menopause Saves Sons’ Lives” states that orcas are the only non-human animals – apart from pilot whales – known to go through an extended menopause.

Similarly, another article through the Medline database states that, while a degree of uncertainty still remains, the existing data supports the view that menopause also occurs in a number of primate species and is not unique to humans. To view this article, visit, click Research, then click “All EBSCOhost databases” under the “Reference and Research” header. From there, click “All EBSCOhost databases” again, then go to the “MEDLINE” database. The article is titled “Menopause in Nonhuman Primates?” by Margaret L. Walker.

Nicole Fowles

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