Letter to the editor: Liberal letter writer’s accusations are ‘trash’


To the editor:

Bigot. That’s what ultra-liberal Tony Marconi accuses me of being in his letter to the editor Nov. 11 (“Reader ‘entitled to display his bigotry in print’”), because I agreed with Dr. Ben Carson when he said “a Muslim would be unfit to be the president of the United States.”

But liberal Tony doesn’t stop there. Like many ultra-liberals, his rant not only calls me a bigot, but he questions my Christian beliefs, calls me a creedalist and Islamaphobe, with “scattered” reasoning and a “fear-driven ideology.”

He further accuses me of thinking my religion is superior to those of other religions. What trash!

Mr. Liberal reminds us, several times, of his thinking ability and his informed mind. One must be suspicious of anyone who professes, so loudly, their intellect and faith.

As I’ve been told by several theologians, “don’t talk about it, live it.” Calling into question my faith further illuminates the definition of a bigot: prejudiced and intolerant. If the shoe fits, wear it!

If having an opinion different than Mr. Liberal makes me sound ridiculous, then I will leave the question on the table as to who sounds more ridiculous.

And finally, anyone with such great intellect needs to realize that words actually do matter. Stating that Dr. Carson said no Muslim should ever be elected president of the United States when, in fact, Dr. Carson said, “No Muslim would be fit to be president of the United States.” Words do matter.

Chuck Smith



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