Nicole Fowles: Mobile hotspots are library’s latest offering


This week I’m sure many of you are busy making plans to travel, cook, eat, see friends and family, watch some sports, and shop. While stores are rolling out their deals and Black Friday bargains, we’ve got our own announcement to make at the Delaware County District Library.

I am excited to announce that, just in time for the holiday season, we are officially lending mobile hotspots.

What is a hotspot and how will it make your holiday season even more fantastic?

It is a small, portable device that provides wireless Internet access to any device that is able to connect to a wireless signal. This is provided through broadband service by cellular providers.

What this means is, with a mobile hotspot, your family can have access to the Internet virtually anywhere in the state of Ohio, and anywhere with cell service coverage in the United States.

So whether you’re in the car with the kids and they want their iPads online, or you’re staying with great-Aunt Myrtle who is still using dial-up, you’ve got a way to stay connected. This is especially important if you’re hoping to download your next eBook or digital magazine from the DCDL website,

Stop by your local DCDL branch, beginning Monday, Nov. 23, to take advantage of this great service. To check out a hotspot, you’ll only need to be over 18 and in good standing with the library. You’ll get the device for two weeks and have unlimited data usage during that time. There are no renewals, so once your loan period is up, the device will be deactivated.

This service has many great applications and uses, depending on each family and individual’s need. Let us know how you plan to use the wireless hotspots and we’ll pass that information along to other patrons who may benefit from it.

What is the origin of the name ‘Edward’?

According to the Oxford Dictionary of First Names (2006), “Edward” originated in the Germanic world from an Old English personal name derived from “Ead” — prosperity and riches — plus “weard”, meaning “guard.” This has been one of the most successful of all Old English names, in frequent use from before the Conquest to the present day. It was the name of three Anglo-Saxon kings and has been borne by eight kings of English since the Norman Conquest.

Here are the origins of a few other popular given names according to the Oxford Dictionary of First Names:

• Robert — Germanic French origin meaning “hrod” (fame) plus “berht” (bright and famous).

• William — Another old French name of Germanic origin, meaning “wil” (will, desire) plus “heard” (hard, brave, strong).

• Mary — Middle English form of the French “Maria,” meaning “drop or star of the sea.”

• Barbara — Latin for “foreign woman” – aka “barbarus” or “barbarian.”

Where can I get topographical maps of Delaware County?

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources provides map services through its website — Click “Publications, Maps, Data and GIS Files,” then click “Topographic Maps” to see what they offer. They keep a limited number of each map in stock, but are able to fill large orders through the federal office in Colorado. You can also call 614-265-6576 for more information.

Locally, the Delaware County Engineer’s Office offers maps and other services for purchase. It is very helpful for finding and referring to further mapping needs. You can contact the office by calling 740-833-2450, emailing [email protected] or by stopping by the office at the Rutherford Hayes Administration Building on Sandusky Street between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Nicole Fowles

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