Delaware police report:

A man threatened to stab his girlfriend with a screwdriver Saturday afternoon at an address on Eaton Street. The victim locked herself in her car until officers arrived. Officers confronted the man and said he was verbally abusive and threatened them. He was arrested and charged with aggravated menacing, domestic violence and disorderly conduct before being taken to the Delaware County Jail.

Equipment was stolen from a work truck parked overnight Thursday at a contractor’s residence on Tudor Street. More than $3,000 in copper wire was reportedly stolen from the truck.

A couple hit each other during a fight Friday morning at their home on Dunlap Street. The boyfriend reported the fight to police but his girlfriend had already left the home when they arrived. She later called police headquarters to give officers her statement. Both parties admitted to striking each other over a door, and neither party wished to pursue charges.

A dog was attacked by another dog Thursday afternoon in a yard on Columbus Avenue. The owner of the attacked dog told police their neighbor’s dog got through the fence and attacked her dog, causing serious injury. The dog was reportedly taken to a veterinarian’s office and was still there when the owner filed the report. Officers spoke to the other dog’s owner and the case was forwarded to the animal control officer.

A 28-year-old man’s credit card was used to make two purchases in Italy last week. The man called police and an identity theft report was filed.

Tools were stolen from a truck parked at a home in the 400 block of South Sandusky Street overnight Thursday. The owner told police several hundred dollars worth of power tools were among the stolen items.

Christmas lights on a home on North Union Street were cut Friday afternoon. Police have no suspects.

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