Kasich ‘showing woeful ignorance of history’


To the editor:

I realize that candidates for public office will often adopt positions they think will resonate with voters. Sometimes, their public posture genuinely reflect their world view; sometimes it amounts to little more than blatant pandering to a frightened electorate. In the case of Gov. John Kasich’s incredibly ignorant call for the creation of a new government agency dedicated to promoting Judeo-Christian values and belief systems in China, Iran, Russia and the Middle East, it is hard to tell exactly what is motivating him.

If Kasich truly believes this is a proper role for government and that such an agency could even remotely have any chance of succeeding, he is showing a woeful ignorance of history, including the fact that Islam developed directly from Judeo-Christian beliefs. It also ignores the lamentable outcomes from our recent attempt under President George W. Bush to bring democracy to the Middle East.

Someone should point out to the governor that his impulse to spread his personal religious views to people of different cultures is patronizing at best and inflammatory at worst. And ironically, it echoes the motivating factors behind the practices of a certain organization called ISIS — that is, to force its own religious beliefs on everyone else. But, then, it is possible that Kasich is simply pandering to those he thinks will willingly support his creedalist rhetoric.

Either way, his thinking is not reflective of the kind of leadership we should expect — or want — from our next commander in chief. Time to drop out of the race, governor.

Tony Marconi



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